New year…new me

So it’s a new year & I am proud to say that I started it off sober. I got back on my anti-depressants which have helped me kick the habit. I hope & pray that I can stay strong every second of every day. I have faith that God is guiding me towards the life I was meant for. And with the help of my guardian Angels (Grampa Clarence & Grampa Hank) I know that they are cheering me on & protecting me along the way. I have all the support I could ever need from my earth Angels. I let all my doubts & fear of sobriety go and I’m confident in my future steps.

This is the life that’s been waiting for me. I’m going to live it right & I’m gonna keep on fighting for myself, this girl is excited, happy, and proud to be sober!



Today I have an individual therapy session with a drug counselor. Could be a good thing or bring up a ton of ghosts that I’ve tried so hard to let go. So we will see.