Just let me be

Lately when I’ve been going to stay at my dad’s while I’m working at the golf course in town, I keep getting volunteered speeches from my stepmom. And it’s really starting to piss me off. I know she means well but seriously she doesn’t understand the fact that i like to be alone when I’m home. It’s been like that for years & years…i often stay in my room, and work on many different projects, and i like being alone…i can listen to my music, i can do whatever i want. Living with my dad before he met my stepmom, we both kinda kept to ourselves. We would eat together, maybe watch tv, have a convo here and there but for the most part, i was in my room blaring my music and he was in his office blaring his music. My stepmom just thinks there’s something wrong with me whenever I’m in my room with the door shut for hours. I come out, use the loo, get some water or whatever but fuck I’m a Pisces, i like to be alone. But anyways, her “speeches” are just kind of rude encouragement. I recently got terminated from my job bc i missed too many days bc of a concussion i got from my client…at work. So i picked up as many shifts as i could at the golf course until i could find another job…which i was offered two days later for a Para position at an elementary school. I am very behind on the truck, car, payments but I’m getting caught up slowly. The other day, my day off…I slept in, lounged around watching the telly and worked on a puzzle, then took a nap…right around the time that the rents got home from school…so my stepmom automatically assumed i had been sleeping all day. She keeps commenting on my weight, and how i need to build myself back up. Um…seriously I’m just fine…i don’t need you telling me to work on my self esteem…I’m hanging in there. It’s just annoying. Just feels like she’s trying too hard…when really just be my stepmom, not my life coach.