Effed up!

Bri & I have been talking again, every now & then she brings up the falling out. So I came up with this idea and this is the convo:

Me : “I know i don’t want to talk about our falling out, so maybe we should let each other read whatever writings, poems, anything that we felt during that time, so we can both understand the pain and maybe it will help us work on healing that pain.”

Bri: “I didn’t do anything like that while we were apart…saved one, and it was a prayer of thanks that I wrote down.”

A prayer of thanks for real?!

“Thanks for helping me cut ties with a toxic person. She was a bad friend, never cared about me, and always put me down. Plus she brought her drugs into my life and got me addicted. And so when I tried getting her to quit using with me, her refusal that ‘she wasn’t ready’ answered many questions i had about our friendship…so thank you for killing those toxins in my life.”

I’m guessing that’s what it said.

So, um…I have doubts about being friends with her again. Is she genuine this time around or is she just lonely?