So because of this stupid drug consuming my every thought & action, every second it’s flowing through my veins, wasting my precious time away because I’m always thinking about my next hit… I am in jeopardy of losing my job. And this job could turn into a career…and heal my heart and give me purpose of living a positive happy life. And come Monday, I have a big decision to make about whether I should tell the school principal (who might i add was my Math teacher sophomore year in high school), district members, and 2 of my supervisors that the reason I never made it to work on time or was absent was because I have a drug problem.
Or if i should just keep my mouth shut.

This last week I stayed clean because of my boyfriend finding my piece & threatening to call the cops, the school i work at, my dad, and kick me out. So that pretty much slapped me back to reality and sobriety real fast. And i was making it to school on time this whole last week that i had to stop using. Cold turkey might i add & withdrawing from my Zoloft. Could get ugly, but I love my job…i love the kids i work with…i love helping them learn and want to learn. Losing this job will send me back down the depression/addict road. And…i can’t go down there…
Not again…
….I need to pray…every second I get.