God is wonderful!

God works in mysterious ways. He gave me the courage to get out of a bad relationship and out on my own. He has provided for me in many ways. He never abandoned me when I felt abandoned by my ex. He loved me even though I felt unloved by my ex. He comforted me when I felt unsafe emotionally and physically by my ex. He gave me hope when my ex gave me none. He listened to my cries when I felt like no one else would. He lifted me up when I hit rock bottom. He was the rock on which I stood, when all other ground was sinking in front of my eyes. He took away my exhaustion and gave me strength. He took away my addiction and gave me 6+ months of sobriety. He took away my inner battles and gave me peace. He took away my self hatred and gave me a healing self love. He pulled me out of my dark spiral and shined his light on me and my future. He knows the plans for my life. All along, he knew the things that I needed and He had a plan to unfold them at the right time. He gave me the opportunity to go to Encounter, which for many years I prayed, screamed, and cried for a sign. He used many prayers from my family to show me his eternal love. He lit a fire in my soul, when I had felt coldness from bad relationships, addictions, and self-harm since high school. He challenged my faith when rough situations were at my feet. He wrapped his arms around me many times when I felt like giving up. And he’s high fived me for the successes I’ve overcome.

In the end of June, He led me to a wonderful christian man, who in August became my boyfriend just 5 days after moving out of my ex’s. (My ex and I were no longer dating from July til I moved out) Although our relationship started very fast after I moved out, I was not hesitant one bit when he asked me on a date. God brought this man into my life for a reason. We both needed each other and with our sketchy pasts, our future was in God’s hands and He turned our pasts into a story of triumph. After a mere 3 months of dating, Ryan proposed to me last night, and with no doubts in our minds, we are destined for each other. We are soul mates. And with many years of pain and addiction, this is my first relationship where I am confident to say that God guided both of us together, two people who are sober and put God first. I know there will be tough times, but with God as our first priority, we will get through them together. God is wonderful!!

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