This year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, but some very amazing things happened that totally beat all the bad. I accepted Jesus back into my heart in March. I’ve been sober since April. I met an amazing man in June. I moved out in August and started dating this amazing man. I went to my 3rd Encounter the Cross in October. I got engaged in November. More good memories than bad. I’ve been very blessed. Much thanks to my family and friends!!!

I am cutting out Facebook for a few months to work on wedding planning. If I decide to start it back up, i’ll do so after i’m married. There’s just so much baggage, pain, and crap on Facebook these days. I get so wrapped up in other people’s lives…people that i’m not even friends with anymore and that’s begun to take a toll on my stress levels. Anyways, i’m hoping to keep this up and alive through out my Facebook hiatus. It will be good for me to write about happy things, things that could help a reader.

My sobriety journey hasn’t been easy…still at 8 months, i still have cravings and drug dreams. Although with God guiding me, i’m able to overcome those cravings with his strength. The dreams will subside throughout time hopefully, but I have a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ and i am beyond blessed to have his hand helping me through this.

Hebrews 11:1


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