I made it

I thought i’d post to tell everyone who reads this blog that I made it 1 year sober!!!! I hit some snags along the way and thought about using, maybe wanted to, and even tried getting it but I stopped myself from going through with it. God sure sticks by ya in times of trouble and I was so tempted to give up and go back to my routinely use. But I knew I needed to prove a lot of people wrong, including myself. And I was so happy when I was able to conquer my addiction. Yes, 1 year is still the beginning but my mind is so much clearer and with God in my life daily, I no longer am scared of the future. I am getting married to my best friend in 7 days and I wouldn’t be here without God in my life. I’d be stuck in that crappy depressing apartment with my drunk ex boyfriend, second hand smoke lung cancer, and a spiraling meth addiction.

Glory be to GOD, He saved me. He rescued me. He gave me strength. He gave me hope. He gave me purpose. He gave me life. He gave me everything. He is my savior!!!