So I just wanted to show anyone who reads my blog how wonderful the Lord is. 

I had been addicted to drugs for almost 5 years…started with cocaine and then I moved onto meth. Meth was my hardest battle. Meth stole everything from me. I got down to 92lbs at 5’7. I lost relationships with friends and even lost a relationship with my brother than has been very hard. I got fired from a few jobs for attendance because I didn’t care about making money, just cared about getting my fix. I messed up a very good job that I still regret to this day. But I through my addiction I never stopped searching for God. In the wee hours of the morning, I would search for any signs that jumped out at me while skimming through the Bible or in lyrics. My aunt reached out to me and invited me to a women’s encounter and I found my God I’ve been looking for. I recommitted my life to Christ and even though I’ve hit some snags along the way after that I still kept my eye on the Lord. He gave my a chance to start over. He gave me my life back and I’ve managed to stay sober for over a year now. I was able to walk down the aisle with my dad on my wedding day a sober woman. I owe everything to Christ. Without him, I don’t exist. 


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